Monday, June 9, 2014

TNB's Sound Pack and Croatian flag Retex for New Vegas

I forgot to post here about my 2 latest mods, so here they are:

TNB's Sound Pack

Replaces the original weapon sounds ingame with some custom ones. My first mod for POSTAL 2 :P

Weapons which have new sounds are: 

Assault Rifle 
Grenade (only the throw sound) 
Rocket Launcher (only the explosion sound) 

(New sounds for more weapons coming soon!) 



Running With Scissors - The creators of POSTAL 2.

Croatian Flag Retexture:

Replaces the NCR flag with a flag of my country, Croatia.

I will soon make a ESP where it will be a separate flag which will not replace the NCR one.

Extract the textures folder to your data folder and it's all done!